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Portable Electrical Appliances Toolbox Talk

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Portable Electrical Appliances

Introduction: Electrical appliances used on site are subject to harsh treatment and can easily become worn and/or damaged. They can then become lethal.

Main points:
• All portable electrical appliances should be subject to regular inspection and maintenance by a competent person (electrician).
• They must only be used at the correct voltages – this should be 110v maximum on a construction site.
• Visual checks of cables, casings and plugs should be carried out prior to use. If any damage is identified then remove from service and report immediately.

Discussion points:
• Check that suitable protection devices such as fuses, circuit breakers and residual current devices are in place, and that any fuses have the correct load ratings.
• Only use portable electrical appliances for the purpose for which they were designed.
• Ensure switches are working properly at the earliest opportunity (prior to starting the task).
• Disconnect power tools when not in use.
• All power tools must be properly earthed unless it is an approved type that does not require earthing.
• Use of portable electrical appliances will often require wearing of suitable PPE such as eye and/or ear protection – ensure you wear them as required.
• Never connect portable power tools to lighting sockets.
• Never use blunt, worn or damaged bits and accessories.


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