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Here is a list of what’s included in Protecting.

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COSHH Assessment Generator

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) - Dangerous stuff indeed, time to be professional.

With COSHH Creator…

Learn about the dangers that dealing with hazardous substances entails, assess the risk and put in place a plan and control measures to manage it. This jobs not easy is it?

By using the Protecting COSHH assessment generator you can quickly and effectively create professional documents that will help you do the day job, combine them with risk assessments and RAMs and your well on your way to fulfilling your health and safety requirements.

Stay compliant with all the regulations and protect your staff, your customers and yourself.

With Protecting we offer unlimited numbers of COSHH, RAMs and Risk Assessments.

Create them in minutes, safe storage, edit them with ease. Still not convinced? How about a free trial? Instant access within 2 minutes.

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  1. 01 Risk Assessments

    Easy to create risk assessments – Create any type of risk assessment in just minutes. There are no limits you can create as many as you need, whenever you need to.

  2. 02 RAMS Generator

    Create complex RAMs so you can identify all your requirements for risk. Go on try it now, for free, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

  3. 03 COSHH Creator

    Don’t COSHH your self on the head. Reduce your workload and improve your efforts with our simple to use generator.

  4. 04 Tasks / Action Plan

    Stay up to date with your tasks and action plans – Create and manage your safety action plan and address any issues.

  5. 05 Library

    With access to our library you with have access to ready made professional templates 24/7. Do you need a night workers health questionnaire? We got you covered + lots more

  6. 06 Training

    Stay one hundred steps ahead on your training requirements and management – Create a bespoke training matrix to plan, monitor and record all training.

  7. 07 Accident and Incident

    Record all accidents and incidents, keep records safe and legally compliant.



  8. 08 Your Documents

    A safe secure place to keep all your companies health and safety supporting documents. Simple.