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RAMS Software

Save time, effort, and avoid the hassle and financial impact of a HSE investigation with easy-to-use RAMS software.

Identifying risks in your workplace is good, but what will you do about them? That’s when you need a risk assessment and method statement (RAMS). This lays out your plans to eliminate and minimise hazards to safeguard your business.

Create unlimited amounts of fully completed and populated RAMS with the online risk assessment and method statement software from Protecting.

Start with a risk assessment method statement template and follow the step-by-step creator to form RAMS documents in minutes. You can customise to meet your company branding for that personal touch.

Edit any risk assessment and method statement online with ease and securely store them in the cloud or download. You won’t worry about losing them again.

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With RAMS Software…

RAMS health and safety software – features and benefits

Creating a risk assessment and method statement takes just minutes with Protecting, so there’s no excuse to put it off now. Use the best RAMS software around to meet your RAMS health and safety obligations in any industry – from construction, plumbing, and factories to offices, shops, restaurants, and even an astronaut.

Access your RAMS online 24/7 with an easy-to-follow step-by-step process to create any type of risk assessment and method statement online. There’s no need to pay for a consultant or training, you can do this yourself and fully comply with the HSE and pass any inspection.

Reduce the time it takes to produce RAMS. There are no limits, so you can create as many health and safety documents you need at any time of day. And we offer a free 15-day trial so you can set up your RAMS in minutes and be done before the kettle’s boiled.

Enjoy these features and benefits with our RAMS health and safety software:

  • Save time with no training needed – use the simple step-by-step creator
  • Start with pre-set RAMS examples and templates – just fill in your details
  • Build unlimited risk assessment and method statements for any hazard and industry
  • Customise RAMS with your branding for a professional look
  • Save documents securely online so they won’t get lost
  • Edit and update any RAMS online later
  • Protect your employees, customers, and visitors with professional RAMS
  • Comply with HSE regulations to avoid potential investigations and fines

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  2. 02 RAMS Software

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