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Here is a list of what’s included in Protecting.

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Tasks / Action Plan

Stay up to date with your tasks and action plans – Create and manage your safety action plan and address any issues.

With Tasks / Action Plan…

We live in a busy world and no one should be expected to remember the complex to-dos that come with looking after your companies health and safety requirements.

That’s why we created tasks and action planning.

You can record all your observations, to-dos, get reminders when risk assessments and training is required and more, with our simple to use online tool. It’s easy to set up and once your up and running it’s all automated.

Stay on track. Work more effectively. Let your mind focus on the actual work.

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  1. 01 Risk Assessment Software

  2. 02 RAMS Software

  3. 03 COSHH Assessment Software

  4. 04 Tasks / Action Plan

  5. 05 Library

  6. 06 Training Planner

  7. 07 Accident and Incident

  8. 08 Your Documents