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Training Matrix Software

Training is essential for every business to ensure employees develop, but it can be costly. Identifying individual employee requirements and having historic training data at your fingertips is important for cost-efficient and effective training.

Wave goodbye to messy spreadsheets and create a custom training matrix to manage everything easily with Protecting’s training software. We offer a single-source training planner solution.

It’s quick and easy to assess current competence levels and spot training requirements across your company in the future. Secure cloud storage means you won’t lose your training records and it’s simple to update whenever it suits you.

Try out our business training software to see how it will save you time and energy whatever your industry. Give it a go with a free 15-day trial of our training management software today.

With Training Planner…

Online training software – features and benefits

Craft custom plans to manage your employee development with ease thanks to the online training tracker software from Protecting. Create a training planner bespoke to individuals in your team or company and watch as they grow.

There’s no need to download any apps or pay for expensive software as everything’s done online and saved to the cloud. Access our online training software from anywhere and whenever you need it to add new courses, review current progress, or delete departing employees.

Intuitive and easy-to-use training development software makes it quick to identify skills gaps and see which staff have successfully completed assigned courses. You can combine courses for a unique training plan and add renewal dates with colour-coding to review progress quickly.

Enjoy a wide range of training tracking software features and benefits:

  • View your complete employee training matrix in one place with our training plan software
  • Build bespoke training plans for individual employees – add, edit, and delete courses
  • Enjoy unlimited access and create as many training plans as you want
  • Save staff training records online in the cloud for secure storage
  • Access the training tracking software 24/7 to update and review when you need
  • Download staff training records as a PDF or Excel document

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