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Here is a list of what’s included in Protecting.

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Stay one hundred steps ahead on your training requirements and management – Create a bespoke training matrix and plan, monitor and record all training.

With Training Planner…

Training is essential and very costly, so it’s all-important to identify individual employees requirements and have historic training data at the tips of your fingers.

With the Protecting training matrix generator, you can say good bye to that awful looking out of date spreadsheet you’ve been using and simply create a custom training matrix to manage all your wants and needs.

We offer a single source to manage all your training requirements, it makes it easy to assess current competence and know what your companies requirements will be in the future and with our secure cloud storage you can take a peek and update when ever it suits you.

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  1. 01 Risk Assessment Software

  2. 02 RAMS Software

  3. 03 COSHH Assessment Software

  4. 04 Tasks / Action Plan

  5. 05 Library

  6. 06 Training Planner

  7. 07 Accident and Incident

  8. 08 Your Documents