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Protective Clothing

Introduction: Many accidents occur because people on site do not pay sufficient attention to their own health and safety. You can do a great deal to protect yourself simply by knowing what is available, wearing the correct clothing and using the protective equipment appropriate to your job.

Your employer is obliged by law to provide to you, without charge, any items which have been identified as necessary to protect your health and safety. The following list of personal protection are examples of such items but it is not exhaustive.

Main points:

• Suitable protective clothing for persons working out of doors in rain, snow, sleet or hail and low temperatures
• Suitable protective clothing for persons working with materials such as asbestos or asbestos-based materials, lead, cement or concrete. Check your COSHH assessments.
• Eye protectors or shields where work activities / processes being carried out are likely to cause eye injuries.
• Respirators or breathing apparatus as protection against dust or fumes or lack of oxygen. Have you got a copy of the COSHH assessment for the substances you use?
• Safety nets, harnesses, lines, etc. to prevent falls where it is not practicable to provide working platforms.
• Ear protectors where it is not practicable to reduce noise below an exposure level of 85 decibels (85 dB(A)).
• Safety Helmets.
• Steel toe capped footwear is now recommended on building / construction sites and for some jobs it is mandatory.

You are required by law to co-operate and wear such clothing and equipment where the circumstances demand it, store it in an appropriate place and report any defects.

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