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Roof Work

Introduction: Roof work is inherently hazardous and results in a significant number of serious accidents every year. Don’t become a statistic.

Main points:
• Is it necessary to actually go on the roof? Are there alternatives such as tower scaffolds, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPs), etc?
• A risk assessment should be carried out for every roof to be worked on.
• Only suitably trained operatives should be permitted to work on roofs.

Discussion points:
• A safe method of work must be agreed prior to any roof work commencing.
• Consider methods of access/egress – these must be safe.
• Suitable and sufficient edge protection must be provided to prevent falls of both persons and materials (scaffolding, guard-rails, etc) – physical protection!
• Hazard tape, rope etc, can only be used where employees are not going to go within 2m of a leading edge, opening, etc.
• Identify all openings and securely guard or cover them.
• Suitable crawling boards and roof ladders must be provided for sloping and/or fragile roofs (unless suitable battening is to be used).
• Where crawling boards are to be used for access/egress or used near leading edges/openings then guard-rails, intermediate guard-rails and toe-boards must be fitted.
• Where it is impractical to provide edge protection then safety harnesses must be worn and suitable anchor points utilised.
• Always consider the weather – wet, windy and/or icy conditions can seriously impact on roof work.
• Consider how you are going to get stores up (hoists, etc) and waste down (rubbish chutes, etc).
• Consider recovery procedures in the event of an accident, i.e. a person hanging from a safety line, getting a casualty down from the roof etc.


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