Asbestos Risk Assessment

Managing asbestos is a legal obligation for owners of non-domestic buildings in the UK.

We can provide you with the specialist services you require to ensure that you are fully compliant with UK law.

Following the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012, any non-domestic building, built before 2000 must have an asbestos survey immediately. UK law requires that; if you are responsible for a non-domestic premises  then you have a legal duty to manage any asbestos that it contains.

UK law requires that the person responsible for ensuring that an adequate asbestos risk assessment is conducted, lies with the manager or owner of the building. Consequently, if the person responsible for the building does not undertake a sufficient asbestos risk assessment, legal action may be taken if asbestos is discovered; this can be in the form of heavy fines or even imprisonment. Therefore, it is essential that if you are responsible for a pre-2000 non-domestic building, you have an asbestos risk assessment immediately.

Asbestos Risk Assessment Regulations

Government regulations state that if you suspect or are unsure about whether asbestos is present in your property then you should have an asbestos survey completed. This will involve:

  • Investigating whether your building contains asbestos/asbestos materials
  • Evaluating the condition of asbestos present
  • Ensuring an adequate asbestos risk assessment is completed if asbestos is found
  • Recording the findings and creating a management plan to deal with any asbestos found

In order to ensure that an asbestos risk assessment is conducted to an adequate level, a competent person is required. Due to the dangerous nature of asbestos, it is crucial that a professional surveys your property and is able to determine whether asbestos is present and the condition of it.

We can provide you with a qualified asbestos surveyor who will ensure that your non-domestic property is fully assessed in line with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

Our ISO certified consultants are capable of working effectively on all types of properties across the country. Working to reduce real risks, our NEBOSH-accredited professionals will carry out a suitable and sufficient asbestos risk assessment of your property.

The professional surveyors we provide ensure that you stay informed about the welfare of your building and your employees.

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