Environmental Risk Assessment

Environmental Risk Assessment

All businesses impact the environment, whether this is through waste, air or water pollution.

Therefore, it is a legal obligation for every business to conduct an environmental risk assessment. We can provide you with qualified consultants who can ensure you are fully compliant with UK law.

The Department of the Environment Transport and the Regions (DETR), the Environment Agency (EA), and the Institute of Environment and Health (IEH) provide guidelines for employers to follow when conducting an environmental risk assessment.

There are a vast amount of regulations that surround environmental risk in businesses. Due to the prominence of the issue, employers must ensure they are following government guidance. In all cases, it is down to the employer or self-employed person to ensure that an adequate environmental risk assessment has been conducted on the premises. In the event that a suitable and sufficient environmental risk assessment has not been carried out, the employer or self-employed person will be held accountable. Consequences for breaching regulations can lead to heavy fines and even imprisonment. Therefore, it is essential that your business complies with the law on environmental risk.

Environmental Health and Safety

An environmental risk assessment will include an evaluation of anything your business does that may affect land, air and water. These can include:

  • Waste disposal and management
  • Industrial chemical pollution
  • Batteries and accumulators
  • Fluorinated greenhouse gases
  • Radioactive leaks and toxic waste
  • An assessment for Major Accident To The Environment (MATTE) and the Establishment Impact Environment (EIE).

In order to assess these hazards and the many more that are associated with environmental risk assessments, a competent person is required. A competent person must be able to identify the hazards and the EIE. They must have the skills to evaluate and then remove or reduce the risk whilst also recording the findings and reviewing the assessment regularly.

We can provide you with leading consultants in the UK who will ensure a comprehensive and robust environmental risk assessment has been conducted, providing you with the full coverage you need.

With NEBOSH-accreditation, our specialists are highly experienced in the field of risk assessments. Working nationwide across a range of businesses, our team are able to effectively minimise the impact on the environment from your business.

We provide our clients with effective and realistic ways of reducing their environmental risks, offering them complete peace of mind.

Call our friendly and knowledgeable customer care team today for advice on how we can help minimise your environmental risks. We are happy to answer any queries you may have, and we can also offer you a free quote on our services. So call us now on 0800 211 8331.

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