Fire Risk Assessment

Completing a fire risk assessment is a legal obligation for owners of non-domestic premises across the UK.

We can provide you with the specialist fire risk assessment services you require to ensure you are fully compliant with UK law.

Following the Fire Safety Order 2005, UK law requires that; all workplaces and commercial premises, all premises the public have access to and the communal areas of multi-occupied residential buildings, must be subject to a fire risk assessment.

In each of these cases it is down to the “responsible person” to ensure that a fire risk assessment is completed.  Typically, the owner, landlord, or occupier of a business or non-domestic premises is regarded as the “responsible person”.  In the event that an adequate fire risk assessment is not conducted on the premises, it will be the “responsible person” who will be held accountable.  Punishments for failing to conduct a comprehensive fire risk assessment can be severe, taking the form of heavy fines or even jail terms.  Therefore, it is absolutely essential that you undertake a thorough fire risk assessment of your non-domestic premises.

Fire Risk Assessments

Completing a fire risk assessment for your non-domestic property

Government guidance stipulates that there are 5 key components of a fire risk assessment. These components are:

  • Identifying fire hazards within the premises
  • Identifying people at risk
  • Evaluating and then removing or reducing risks
  • Recording findings, preparing an emergency plan and providing training
  • Reviewing and regularly updating the fire risk assessment

In order to ensure that fire risk assessments are completed to an adequate level, a competent person is needed.  That is to say, it is not possible for someone with no experience, qualifications or expert knowledge of fire safety to complete a fire risk assessment.

HSE Fire Risk Assessment

In reality, it is often the case that the “responsible person” for a non-domestic property cannot be classed as competent in the field of fire safety.  In this case, they must acquire the services of a competent person.

We can provide you with specialist consultancy services to ensure a comprehensive and robust fire risk assessment of your non-domestic premises is completed, providing you the full coverage you need.

Our NEBOSH-accredited specialists are capable of working effectively across all non-domestic premises to implement measures which minimise the threat of fire.  Working to promote good practice, our specialist teams provide suitable and sufficient fire risk assessments to ensure all of our clients are in compliance with the relevant health and safety regulations.

The professional consultancy services we provide offer our clients complete peace of mind.

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