First Aid Regulations

UK law requires that all employers have a legal duty to ensure that if an employee is injured or taken ill at work, there are provisions in place to ensure they receive immediate attention.

We can provide you with qualified consultants who will ensure that your business has appropriate first aid arrangements in place to abide by the law.

Following the The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, employers are expected to provide adequate training, equipment, facilities and personnel to ensure that any injuries or illnesses at work receive immediate care and attention. Failure to abide by the first aid at work regulations can be severe, taking the form of heavy fines and even jail terms. To avoid this, it is crucial that your business is in compliance with the first aid at work regulations.

First Aid at Work Regs

Under the first aid at work regulations, your employer is expected to have ensured the following:

  • A first aid needs assessment has been completed
  • A competent person has been appointed to take charge of first aid arrangements or that there are an appropriate amount of adequately trained first aiders
  • A suitable facility is provided with an appropriately stocked first aid box
  • Information has been provided to employees about first aid arrangements.

To ensure that your business is fully compliant with the first aid at work regulations, it is essential that a competent person carries out a first aid needs assessment at your workplace, followed by implementing the appropriate training and measures to ensure your business is fully compliant with UK law. A competent person must have the necessary qualifications and knowledge of first aid in the workplace to carry out a first aid needs assessment.

First Aid At Work Regulations

We can provide you with a leading health and safety team of consultants who can provide your business with the appropriate first aid arrangements, in line with HSE regulations.

Our NEBOSH-accredited consultants have experience of working across a range of businesses to ensure they are meeting the first aid at work regulations. Our team of highly skilled professionals will ensure your business has all the coverage it requires to abide by the first aid at work regulations.

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