COSHH Risk Assessment

Assessing and controlling substances that are hazardous to health in the workplace is a legal requirement for every employer or self-employed persons.

We can provide you with specialist COSHH risk assessment services to ensure that your employees are safe and that your business is fully compliant with current UK laws. Call us directly on 0800 211 8331 for a free quote.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health 2002 (COSHH) is a UK law which outlines that employers are required to assess, prevent or reduce their employees exposure to hazardous substances. Any substances that are or could be hazardous to the health of employees, contractors and other people must be controlled and managed. These include substances which arise from processing and germs.

COSHH Assessment

The employer or self-employed persons is responsible for complying with the COSHH law and completing a COSHH risk assessment. This will also include controlling the exposure of substances, use of relevant health surveillance and incident planning. The employer responsible has a legal obligation to conduct a COSHH risk assessment. Failure to do so can result in heavy fines, closure of the business and even jail terms if an employer is held responsible for gross negligence or a breach of duty of care. For the welfare of your business and employees it is vital that you undertake a COSHH risk assessment.

Completing a COSHH Assessment for your business.

To ensure that you are complying with current UK laws, the government outlines key components of the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health. These are:

  • Completing a COSHH risk assessment to identify and prevent harm to health
  • Providing appropriate measures to reduce harm to the health of employees, contractors and other people linked to your business
  • Ensuring these measures are used, kept in good working order and updated regularly
  • Providing adequate training and information for employees and others
  • Providing appropriate monitoring and health surveillance
  • Planning for emergencies

The legal obligation for employers is that a COSHH assessment must be carried out and be suitable and sufficient. In order to complete an accurate health and safety check for substances hazardous to health a competent person is mandatory who is able to identify hazardous substances and potential hazards. Employers have a legal duty to appoint a competent person(s) to abide by these responsibilities.

COSHH Risk Assessments

Our team of specialists have the qualifications to carry out a thorough COSHH assessment, providing you with full coverage that abides by HSE inspection and government guidelines.

We have NEBOSH-accredited specialists who can complete an extensive COSHH assessment with minimal disruption to your business.Our team of specialists promise to ensure the safety of staff and customers and provide suitable and sufficient COSHH assessments in compliance with current UK laws.

We aim to provide a comprehensive service which gives you the relevant cover for the COSHH law (2002)

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