Health and Safety in a Nursery

Health and safety in a nursery is extremely important due to the vulnerable nature of children.

It is a legal requirement for all employers, managers or owners of nurseries to ensure the health and safety of staff and children is suitable and sufficient.

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All employers or self-employed persons responsible for owning, managing or running a nursery, must ensure that their children and staff are protected as far as is reasonably practicable from the hazards of working and being in a nursery. The employer has a duty of care towards all children and staff and will be held responsible for failing to carry out suitable health and safety measures. Consequences for failing to abide by the regulations can be severe, taking the form of heavy fines and even jail time.

It is crucial that your nursery is compliant with the relevant health and safety regulations for nurseries.

Due to children being particularly vulnerable to hazards, extra precaution should be taken when looking at health and safety in a nursery.

Health and Safety Policy in a Nursery

Children are not the only people at risk from hazards in the nursery. Employees, visitors and parents are also at risk from certain hazards. However, all staff have a responsibility to ensure the following to protect the children in their care:

  • A safe environment in which entrances, exits and fire exits are clear
  • That all children’s equipment/toys are safe, clean and in good working order
  • That all spillages are cleared up immediately
  • Children who are ill/contagious are sent home or looked after appropriately until a parent can come and collect them
  • To ensure children eat their meals correctly and avoid choking hazards
  • Cleaning products are used and stored appropriately
  • Measures are in place for visitors to the nursery
  • Emergency evacuation procedures are in place and are known to all the staff
  • A first-aider has been appointed to manage first aid.

We can provide you with leading health and safety experts who have experience of health and safety in a nursery and can provide your business with the advice, assessments and training to ensure that you are fully compliant with UK law.

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