Health And Safety In Schools

Health and safety in schools does not need to be overcomplicated. However it does need to be correct.

We can provide you with leading health and safety consultants who can ensure your school is meeting the required regulations to abide by UK law.

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, the employer, (the local authority, governing body or proprietor) of the school is responsible for ensuring health and safety in the school is adequate and abides by the health and safety in schools regulations.

If you are unsure what the regulations require of you, then call our helpful customer care team now.

Health and Safety at School

There are many risks that can occur in the school environment. A few common hazards are:

  • Slips and trips from moving around the classroom and between chairs/desks
  • Accidents that can occur during PE lessons/outdoors in the playground
  • Incidents that may occur whilst outside of the classroom, eg. swimming lessons, school trips
  • Fire - making sure appropriate evacuation procedures are in place.

Failure to abide by the health and safety in schools regulations and the employer will be held responsible. This can take the form of heavy fines and potentially even jail terms. Therefore, it is essential that your school is fully compliant with the health and safety in schools regulations.

Health and Safety Legislation in Schools

Government guidance states key components which must be completed to abide by the regulations. These are:

  • Putting in place measures to focus on real risks
  • Implementing measures to manage the risks to staff, pupils and visitors
  • Informing your employees about the risks in the school and ensuring they have appropriate training and information to manage them, including first-aid training to a specified person
  • Informing your employees of the significant risks in the school
  • Reviewing and checking the measures have been implemented and are still appropriate.

Ensuring that your school is aware of the relevant health and safety in schools regulations is crucial to the welfare of your staff and your pupils. We can provide you with leading health and safety consultants who can assess your health and safety measures and advise and implement training to ensure your school is abiding by UK law.

We can provide your school with professional health and safety consultants and practical solutions, uniquely tailored to suit the requirements of your school.

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