Legionella Risk Assessment

Legionella Risk Assessment

If you are an employer or someone in charge of premises then you have a legal duty to carry out a legionella risk assessment. We have a team of specialists who can provide you with a comprehensive legionella risk assessment, ensuring that you are fully compliant with UK law.

The control of legionella comes under a number of important legislation. Under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002, any work premises which contain hot/cold water services and/or wet cooling systems must conduct a legionella risk assessment and take measures to control or prevent the risk of legionella bacteria occurring.

Risk assessment for legionella

In each of these cases it is down to the employer or duty holder of a premises to ensure an adequate legionella risk assessment has been conducted. Under the legionella law, employers must consider and assess the risks that their employees face. In the event that a suitable and sufficient legionella risk assessment is not conducted, the duty holder will be held accountable. This can lead to severe punishments if the duty holder is found to be guilty of negligence. Therefore, it is essential that you undertake a thorough legionella risk assessment if your premises use hot/cold water services and/or wet cooling systems.

Completing a legionella risk assessment

Government guidance states that a legionella risk assessment should include:

  • Identifying any potential legionella risk sources
  • Inspecting and monitoring the risks
  • Sourcing any control methods to minimise growth of legionella
  • Naming someone to oversee the implementation of any changes and to continue to monitor the system at a regular basis
  • Recording of the results and a review date to be set.

To ensure that a legionella risk assessment is conducted to an adequate level which fulfills guidance under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and COSHH; a competent person must complete the assessment. A competent person is someone with experience, qualifications and expert knowledge of legionella risk assessment.

We can provide you with qualified experts to ensure a comprehensive legionella risk assessment of your premises, providing you with the full coverage you need.

Our NEBOSH-accredited specialists can provide you with a suitable and sufficient legionella risk assessment and implement measures which minimise the threat of legionella. Our consultants will ensure minimal disruption to your business whilst the assessment is carried out and can advise you on the most effective ways of protecting your workers and your business.

The professional consultancy services that we provide ensure that our clients have the best protection, personally tailored to meet their business requirements.

Call our helpful and knowledgeable customer care team today for more information and advice on how we can take practical steps to protect your workers from legionella bacteria. We are happy to answer any queries you may have, and we can offer you a free quote for our expert services. So call us now on 0800 211 8331.

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