Manual Handling In Care Homes

Moving and handling is a regular occurrence in all Care Homes. If you are an employer, manager or provider of a care home then you have a legal obligation to ensure the health and safety of your employees and residents by carrying out a Manual Handling Risk Assessment.

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Specific guidance is stated under the Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992, for manual handling in care homes. Moving and handling is a key part of everyday work for employees in the health and social care sector, in particular patient manual handling.

It is down to the employer, manager or provider of the care home to ensure that an adequate manual handling risk assessment has been carried out. This also involves ensuring that patient manual handling is appropriate and adequate training has been given. In the event that these are not addressed, the employer will be held accountable. Consequences for breaching HSE regulations can be severe, taking the form of heavy fines, large compensation payouts and even imprisonment. Therefore, it is essential that your care home is fully compliant with the relevant health and safety law.

Patient Manual Handling

A regular occurrence of manual handling in care home environments is moving and handling the elderly and fragile residents. We can provide patient manual handling training for your employees for a number of recurring activities in the care home, such as:

  • Helping someone who is elderly or has a disability get in or out of bed
  • Helping them to turn over and/or sit up in bed
  • Bathe/shower and use the toilet
  • Sit in a chair, stand and walk
  • Helping someone get up from a fall
  • Getting in and out of vehicles.

In all of these situations it is essential that the member of staff has the appropriate training to not only protect their residents but also to ensure the health and safety of themselves while carrying out these manual handling tasks.

Due to the hazardous nature of moving fragile people, it is essential that appropriate training has been carried out. Incorrect handling can seriously damage the resident and/or the employee. Therefore, a competent person with experience and qualifications is required to issue the correct training to employees.

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