PUWER Training

Under PUWER, all employees who use equipment at work must have undergone appropriate and adequate training to ensure their own and other’s health and safety whilst at work.

We can provide you with expert consultants who can provide training and information to your employees, ensuring that your business is fully protected under health and safety law.

PUWER stands for the Provision and Use of Workplace Equipment Regulations 1998. It states that all employers have a legal duty to ensure that their employees have suitable and sufficient training in regards to their work equipment use.

If you are an employer, self-employed person or employed to manage the use of equipment then you are responsible for ensuring that appropriate work equipment training has been conducted. Under PUWER, it is a serious breach of regulations to allow work equipment to be used by employees without having the appropriate measures and training in place. Consequences for failing to abide by PUWER can result in heavy fines and potentially large compensation payouts. Do not allow yourself to breach the laws on work equipment. Undertake work equipment training for your employees now.

PUWER Training Courses

Training under PUWER will vary according to each business. However, government guidance states 3 key principles that must be addressed in PUWER training. These are:

Evaluating the competence and knowledge of employees in regard to the work equipment they use;
Identifying the level of competence needed to manage/operate/supervise the work equipment at use;
Training the employees to gain the extra level of competence needed to carry out the work in compliance with health and safety.

To ensure that work equipment training is carried out in accordance with PUWER, a competent person is required to complete the necessary training. A competent person must be able to assess the equipment, provide instruction and training to employees and give relevant information for each piece of equipment.

We can provide you with the experts to complete your employee PUWER training.

Our NEBOSH-accredited consultants can provide up-to-date training that will ensure your business is fully covered in regard to the relevant health and safety regulations.

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