Step Ladder Safety

If your employees use step ladders at work then you have a legal duty under the Working at Heights Regulations to ensure your workers have been issued with adequate step ladder safety training.

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Following the Work at Height Regulations 2005, all UK employers who have employees participating in work related activities where there is a chance of a fall from a height, must ensure adequate training and advice has been given to all employees. In the event that these regulations are not followed, the employer could face prosecution. Therefore, it is essential that your business undertakes step ladder safety training now.

Health & Safety - Step Ladders

When carrying out work at a height, it is essential that you consider if using a step ladder is the safest way to do so. Government guidance stipulates 6 questions you must ask before using a step ladder. These are:

  • What is the height of the task?
  • Is a handhold available to steady yourself?
  • Is it light work?
  • Does the task avoid side loading?
  • Does the task avoid overreaching?
  • Can the step ladder be tied for side-on working?

To ensure that your employees are using step ladders in the correct manner, it is essential that your business undertakes a working at height risk assessment by a competent person. A competent person will have the necessary knowledge of the Work at Height Regulations 2005 and will be able to implement step ladder safety training to your employees, ensuring your business is in compliance with the relevant health and safety laws.

We can provide you with a leading health and safety team of consultants who will ensure a suitable and sufficient work at height risk assessment has been conducted, providing you with the full coverage you need.

Our NEBOSH-accredited consultants can provide working at a height training to cover working on a step ladder to working on a leaning ladder. With clients nationwide, our professionals have experience of working across a range of businesses to fulfill their working at a height requirements.

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