WD40 COSHH Assessment

If you are an employer or self employed and your business uses WD40 (in any form) then you are legally required to undertake a COSHH risk assessment.

We can provide you with a comprehensive WD40 COSHH assessment, ensuring you are fully compliant with UK law.

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH), WD40 is classed as a hazardous substance which must be subjected to a COSHH risk assessment. This will involve identifying the hazards of using WD40 and evaluating if any precautions need to be implemented.

Using WD40 can be dangerous and may expose your employees to issues such as skin and eye irritation, dangerous toxins if ingested and potential fire hazards due to WD40 being very flammable. Under UK law, employers have a legal duty to ensure the health and safety of their workers and others. Therefore, it is essential that you undertake a WD40 COSHH risk assessment now.

We can provide you with qualified consultants to ensure a comprehensive and robust WD40 COSHH assessment of your business.

WD40 COSHH Risk Assessment

To ensure that you are in compliance with COSHH Regulations, a WD40 COSHH risk assessment must include:

  • Identifying the hazards of using WD40
  • Identifying who is at risk from WD40 and how (eg. by exposure to skin or eyes)
  • Evaluating the risks and implementing measures to control/reduce/remove these risks (eg. providing PPE - personal protective equipment)
  • Recording significant findings, informing employees and providing training where necessary
  • Reviewing and regularly updating the WD40 COSHH risk assessment.

A COSHH risk assessment will not only identify the hazards associated with WD40 but our specialists will also be able to assess any other hazardous substances that your business uses and implement measures to ensure you are protecting your employees and are abiding by the relevant health and safety regulations.

Our NEBOSH-accredited consultants provide suitable and sufficient WD40 COSHH risk assessments, to ensure all of our clients are in compliance with the relevant health and safety regulations.

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