Work Equipment (PUWER)

Carrying out a PUWER work equipment risk assessment is a legal obligation for any UK employer or self-employed person who provides or has control of the use of equipment at work.

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PUWER Risk Assessment

The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) states that all employers or self-employed persons have a legal duty to ensure that work equipment used for work purposes meets the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations. Any equipment used by an employee at work is covered by PUWER. You must protect yourself and your workers and make sure a competent PUWER risk assessment is carried out.

If you are an employer, self-employed persons or employed to manage the use of equipment then you are responsible for ensuring that an appropriate work equipment risk assessment is carried out. It is a serious offense to allow work equipment to be used without having a risk assessment and implemented appropriate measures and training. Punishments for failing to do so can result in heavy fines and even imprisonment. Do not allow yourself to breach the laws on work equipment. Undertake a work equipment PUWER risk assessment now.

Ensuring that you comply with the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

Government guidance states that employees must meet the following requirements of PUWER. You must ensure that work equipment is:

  • Suitable and safe for its intended use
  • Maintained accordingly and inspected by a competent person who documents the results in the form of a risk assessment
  • Only used by people who have received training and information on safe use and appropriate instruction given for emergencies
  • Suitable and sufficient in regards to health and safety measures such as protective devices
  • Used in accordance with current regulations.

PUWER Assessment

To ensure that a work equipment risk assessment is carried out in accordance with PUWER a competent person is required to complete the assessment. A competent person must be able to assess the equipment, provide instruction and training to employees and give relevant information for each piece of equipment.

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