Working At Height Regulations

All UK employers who have employees performing activities in which a fall could occur have a legal obligation to ensure the Working at Height Regulations (2005) are being met.

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Following the Work at Height Regulations 2005, all employers who have workers performing tasks at a height, must ensure a working at height risk assessment has been conducted. This is a legal requirement for employers to prevent death and injury caused by falling from a height. Failure to abide by the working at height regulations could lead to prosecution. Therefore, it is essential that you undertake a work at height risk assessment before any work at a height is carried out.

Work at Height Regulations

Under the regulations, as an employer, you have a legal duty to ensure:

  • All work at height has been planned and organised adequately
  • That those carrying out work at height are competent to carry out the work
  • Risks have been assessed and the necessary equipment and training has been issued and is used
  • Risks from working on and near fragile surfaces have been risk assessed and managed
  • That adequate equipment is used for work at height which has been inspected and maintained regularly.

To ensure that your business is complying with the Work at Height Regulations 2005, it is essential that a competent person conducts a working at height risk assessment. A competent person should have the necessary skills and experience to assess the risks of working at a height and be able to implement measures to prevent risks occurring.

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