Workplace Exposure Limits (WEL)

If you are an employer or self-employed and your business handles or uses hazardous substances, you have a legal obligation to ensure that your workplace exposure limits are below the regulatory limits.

Exposure to a substance counts as anything that is inhaled, ingested, injected or contracted via skin contact. Hazardous substances come in many different forms but under WEL there are 500 hazardous substances that have workplace exposure limits. It is essential that you know what hazardous substances your business uses or handles and if these have exposure limits under government regulations.

The only way to ensure that the hazardous substances that your business handles are below WEL is by monitoring them. This can be done through a COSHH risk assessment.

A Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) risk assessment must be carried out by a competent person and will involve identifying the hazardous substances in your business and if these are below the workplace exposure limits.

We can provide you with leading consultants who can monitor your workplace exposure limits whilst conducting and abiding by the COSHH regulations, ensuring that your business is fully compliant with UK law.

Hazardous Substances in the Workplace

As an employer you have a duty of care if your employees use or handle hazardous substances. You must ensure that an adequate COSHH risk assessment has been conducted to ensure that you are in compliance with the relevant health and safety laws.

HSE guidelines state common substances in the workplace that are harmful. These are:

  • Dust, germs or fume-laden air
  • Metalworking fluids
  • Flowers, bulbs, fruit and vegetables
  • Wet working and prolonged contact with wet materials in construction
  • Solvent vapours and oil
  • Glues, disinfectants and cleaning products.

Under COSHH, these substances and many more must be assessed to determine if they put people’s health and safety at risk. A COSHH risk assessment will also identify which of these hazards need workplace exposure limits putting in place and can advise and implement protective strategies.

COSHH Risk Assessments

Our NEBOSH-accredited specialists are experienced of working with dangerous substances and ensuring your business is below the workplace exposure limits in regard to hazardous substance exposure.

If you are unsure about what your workplace exposure limits are or if your hazardous substances require a WEL assessment then contact us today for more information and advice. We are happy to answer any queries you have and can also offer you a free quote on our services. So call us now on 0800 211 8331.

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