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Site Plant and Equipment

Introduction: Site plant and equipment comes in many forms. It can be static or mobile, and can range from dumper trucks to welding sets. Whilst all such plant is beneficial to construction work if used correctly, it can pose a hazard if used incorrectly, and misuse can result in serious injuries.

Main points:
• Operators of power operated plant and equipment must be trained in its use.
• All such plant and equipment must be maintained in safe working order and subject to formal inspection where applicable.
• All safety aids, such · as guards, must be used.

Discussion points:
• Familiarise yourself, and comply with, manufacturer’s instructions.
• Consider any risks to other employees nearby when using plant and equipment.
• Carry out visual checks for any obvious damage/defects prior to use – if in doubt, do not use, but advise your supervisor.
• Control access/use of plant and equipment – never leave unattended/unsecured.
• Do not carry passengers on plant unless it is designed for such.
• Consider use of banksmen when reversing, etc; always comply with site speed limits, one way routes, etc.
• Consider exhaust emissions – do these need to be vented out?
• Consider use of barriers/exclusion zones to protect others from risks.
• Route electrical cables so that they are protected from damp and damage (suspend).
• Lock off/chock wheels where applicable (mobile tower scaffolds, etc).
• Ensure any warning devices (lights, audible, etc) are functioning correctly.
• Ensure any safety limitations are clearly displayed (SWL’s, maximum speeds, etc).
• Wear appropriate PPE where applicable.


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