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Site Security

Introduction: Construction sites attract children looking for adventure, and thieves looking to steal plant and equipment. It is important, therefore, that sites are made secure in order to protect the public, who will not be as aware of the dangers of a construction site, and to protect site materials.

Main points:
• The law effectively gives trespassers the right not to expect to be put at risk if they enter a construction site. This particularly applies to children.
• Visitors are entitled to a safe environment and they should not be exposed to risk when on a construction site.
• Site security should ensure that no-one can access the site when occupied without authorisation, and when not occupied without having to clearly commit trespass.

Discussion points:
• Sites should be fenced all around with recognised access points, and signs should be displayed warning that it is a construction site and that entry is prohibited.
• Plant and equipment should be locked away out of sight where practicable, and disabled/secured in situ where not practicable.
• Never leave keys in any plant when unattended.
• Hazardous substances on site that may be readily familiar to site employees can pose a serious risk to unauthorised persons who have not encountered them before – lock them away.
• Consider methods of access control based upon the scale and type of site (this may comprise a simple sign telling persons to report to the site manager, or could be a manned access point – note this may also provide a method of monitoring who is on site for emergency purposes).
• Remove ladders from scaffolding, walls, etc, or board up at the end of each working day.
• Whilst trespassers, including children, should be challenged and either escorted off site or introduced to the site manager, avoid putting yourself in a position where you could be accused of assault.


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