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Slips, Trips and Falls Toolbox Talk

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Slips, Trips and Falls

1. Most injuries from slips, trips and falls occur because of poor housekeeping.
2. Many items such as coiled cables, hand tools, lengths of pipe or timber etc. left on the ground will trip someone if not deposited in a safe position. So keep your work area clear
3. Spilt substances such as oils and greases will form a slip hazard if not immediately cleaned up.
4. General debris generated during installation and maintenance can quickly accumulate and form tripping hazards if not cleaned up.
5. Take care when accessing plant rooms as fixed pipe work and steps can cause you to trip and fall.
6. Make sure you have adequate lighting in the area you are accessing and working in as tools, equipment and materials that are visible in full daylight might be hidden in semi darkness.
7. Keep trailing cables to a minimum and do not obstruct walkways and corridors.
8. Make sure that fixed ladders used to gain access to motor rooms are securely fixed and take care when climbing these ladders.
9. If there are any significant trip hazards then report them to your Manager/Supervisor.


1. How do most injuries from slips, trips and falls occur?
2. What would be an effective way of clearing up spilt oil?

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