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Substance Abuse Tool Box Talk

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Substance Abuse

Introduction: Substance abuse includes alcohol and/or drugs. In a high-risk industry such as ours, drink/drugs and work don’t mix; both impact on brain function reducing levels of awareness and alertness and slowing down reaction times.

Main points:
• If you are suspected of being under the influence of drink or drugs at work you will be sent off-site and face the possibility of disciplinary action.
• Ultimately you could lose your job, and a reputation of having a drink/drug problem could make finding other employment difficult.
• Those under the influence of drink or drugs are not only a risk to themselves but to every employee on site – do not let them put you at risk.

Discussion points:
• Don’t get drunk the night before and expect to work safely on-site the next day. Alcohol takes time to work its way out of the system. As a rough guide, a single unit of alcohol (a single spirit or glass of wine, or ½ a pint of beer) will take one hour to leave your body.
• Be aware of the signs of drug use which include watery eyes, pinpoint or dilated pupils, running nose, constant sniffing, tight lips, sores, ulcers, trembling, fatigue and irritability. If you see such signs then report it and help eliminate a serious risk – ignore it and it could be you that gets hurt!
• Be aware of prescribed drugs as well as illegal drugs. Some prescribed drugs can cause drowsiness, etc – be responsible. If you are on prescribed drugs advise your site manager.
• Confine your drinking to social occasions where there is suitable recovery time, and if offered drugs just say “no”! As well as creating a risk in the workplace, drink and drug abuse will damage your body.


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