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Use of Lifting Equipment Toolbox Talk

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Use of Lifting Equipment

Introduction: Unsafe lifting practices result in numerous incidents every year, including serious and sometimes fatal accidents. Remember that lifting equipment now includes plant such as forklift trucks, telescopic handlers, MEWP’s, hoists, gin wheels, etc, as well as cranes.

Main points:
• All lifting operations should be planned, and be supervised where applicable.
• Lifting equipment and accessories must only be used for the purpose for which they were designed (i.e. buckets are not designed for lifting persons).
• Lifting equipment and accessories must only be used by trained personnel or under strict supervision.

Discussion points:
• All lifting equipment must be marked with safe working loads (SWL’s) which must never be exceeded.
• Beware of overhead obstructions such as overhead power lines.
• Use banksmen/slingers wherever applicable.
• Ensure all loads are stable and secure.
• Beware of weather conditions – especially wind conditions when using cranes.
• Ensure load is lifted off the ground, free, and correctly slung before hoisting.
• Always wear a safety helmet and hi-visibility vest.
• Never stand under a suspended load, and control movement under any such loads (exclusion areas).
• Use hand signals where applicable, using only approved code signals, ensuring they are clear and distinct.
• Use cranes to lift and lower loads vertically – never drag loads.
• If necessary attach tag lines to assist in stability.
• Lifting gear should be formally checked regularly, and visually inspected for any obvious damage prior to use.
• Riding on loads is strictly prohibited, as is riding in unauthorised positions on any lifting equipment.
• When using forklifts travel with the load in the lowest practicable position and don’t raise it on the move.


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