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What are RAMS in Construction?

three construction workers in hard hats and high-vis vests.RAMS are important health and safety documents used in the construction industry to protect workers and anyone else on site. A RAMS document outlines the risks, hazards, and control measures for specific construction projects and activities. This information helps ensure construction tasks are conducted safely and promotes systematic risk management.

Every construction project should have RAMS in place as part of its health and safety management responsibilities. They follow on from a risk assessment, which identifies construction hazards, to use this information and determine how tasks can be carried out safely. Such documents help mitigate risks and reduce the chance of accidents and industries.

It’s not just the construction industry that uses RAMS to stay safe. Explore our guide to what RAMS are for more details about what they should include and how they work.

What does RAMS stand for in construction?

RAMS stands for Risk Assessment Method Statement in construction. Sometimes they’re just referred to as method statements, but it’s important to note that a RAMS is different from a risk assessment. While a risk assessment identifies hazards on a construction site, a RAMS lays down ways to control such risks effectively.

Why are RAMS important in the construction industry?

RAMS are important in the construction industry as they:

Are RAMS a legal requirement in construction?

RAMS are not a legal requirement in construction – unlike risk assessments, which are legally required. Employers must conduct risk assessments for work done by employees. However, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommends that businesses (including construction companies) carry out RAMS as part of a risk management process despite not being a legal obligation.

Method statements aren’t required by law, but they offer a practical solution to plan, manage, and monitor construction work. Any injuries, accidents, and fatalities that occur on construction sites must be reported to the HSE. Creating RAMS helps reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, protecting people and your organisation.

When should you review RAMS in construction?

You should review RAMS in construction at least once a year – although regular reviews are advisable. If there are significant changes on a construction site or within a construction company then you should review any RAMS at such times as well. Any out-of-date RAMS may be ineffective.

Should the worst happen and there’s an accident, incident, or injury then you should review and update relevant RAMS. This will hopefully prevent a similar occurrence from happening again. It may also highlight any problems with existing RAMS that require changing and updating.

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