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What are RAMS?

crane working on a building.A Risk Assessment Method Statement (RAMS) is a health and safety document that outlines the steps to carry out a certain job or task safely. They’re sometimes simply referred to as method statements but should not be confused with risk assessments. RAMS follow on from a risk assessment, which simply identifies the hazards on a site or in a workplace.

The idea of a RAMS is to build on the dangers highlighted in a risk assessment with a separate document that covers management and control measures for these risks. They detail the ways specific activities should be done safely by including information about precautions, implementation, equipment to use, and steps to follow.

You can use our RAMS software to start creating your own unlimited documents online today and enjoy a free 15-day trial to see how it works. Keep reading to learn more about what RAMS are in the world of health and safety.

What are RAMS in health and safety?

In health and safety, RAMS are important documents that focus on specific high-risk workplace activities. This differs from risk assessments that analyse all the hazards across an entire working environment. RAMS in health and safety focus on things like working at height or with dangerous machinery.

Rather than just identifying any risks a RAMS includes the hazards and control measures to operate safely and minimise risks. This often includes deconstructing the hazards and outlining step-by-step processes to complete tasks safely. These should be easy to read so employees and contractors can follow them properly.

Not all industries and workplaces require RAMS to have good health and safety practices in place, as they’re mainly used for the most high-risk activities. RAMS are most used in the construction industry as working at height, with heavy machinery, and in dangerous conditions are unavoidable. After completing a risk assessment you should know if you need a RAMS.

What is a RAMS document?

A RAMS document is a written record of the safety and control measures to carry out specific activities. These are documents followed by employees and contractors to ensure they work in a safe manner that reduces the risk of accidents, injuries, and illness. They should be clear and include all the relevant information about the specific task.

A RAMS document should include:

Download a free RAMS template to ensure your document includes everything it should. Simply download the Word document and fill in each section with details relevant to your business and activities.

When do you need a RAMS document?

You should fill in a RAMS document after completing a risk assessment. Once you’ve identified the risks and hazards in your workplace or for a project you can use this information to build a plan to control them with a RAMS document. Not all tasks require RAMS though.

The construction industry uses RAMS documents more than most other sectors due to their potentially dangerous daily activities. Some contractors and third parties also require a RAMS before they begin work on large projects to ensure safe practices are followed on site. Completing such documents before carrying out any dangerous work is advised.

Are RAMS a legal requirement?

RAMS are not legally required by businesses in the UK – unlike risk assessments that are a legal requirement for workplaces. However, they’re recommended, and some industries and projects require RAMS before work begins. Check your risk assessment and if there are some severe hazards then creating RAMS could be the best option.

How can I create RAMS documents?

The quickest and easiest way to create RAMS documents is to use the online RAMS software available from Protecting. Produce unlimited RAMS documents online with templates made by health and safety experts that you can adapt to your needs. There’s no need for an app as you can do it all online.

Access RAMS whenever you need them and from anywhere to edit, download, and print. The simple step-by-step makes it easy to get started producing professional RAMS documents for your workplace, project, or activity. Alternatively, you can download a free RAMS template and work on it manually.

Creating RAMS documents is just part of our professional health and safety software – you can also make risk assessments, COSHH reports, action plans, training planners, and more. You don’t need to sign up straightaway either, as you can give it a go for free. Start your free 15-day trial online today.