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What is a Training Matrix?

people at a training session in an office boardroom.A training matrix is a tool for planning, tracking, and managing employee training and development. It helps identify any training needs across the organisation to ensure the workforce has all the skills and knowledge required to complete tasks to a high standard. Often a training matrix is a grid, table, or spreadsheet.

Health and safety managers, heads of departments, and HR professionals use a training matrix to spot skills weaknesses and training gaps. However, it shouldn’t be confused with a skills matrix – which maps proficiency levels, competencies, and abilities. Many workplaces may have a separate skills matrix in place.

To build an effective development plan and maintain good safety levels a training matrix is vital for every organisation. Try our online training matrix software to build bespoke training plans and have an overview of training records in one place. Learn more about what a training matrix is below.

Why is a training matrix important?

Using a training matrix is important to identify areas where additional training is required. Having all the information about each employee’s qualifications, and completed and upcoming training in one place makes it easier to manage. This enables smooth planning of training schedules and ensures all staff undergo relevant training for their roles.

For health and safety purposes a training matrix ensures employees have the relevant qualifications and knowledge to do specific tasks. This can reduce the risk of accidents and injuries due to unqualified persons undertaking certain jobs and an incident occurring. It adds an extra layer of protection and accident prevention.

Using a training matrix also helps build a development plan for individuals across your organisation. This can improve retention levels by showing the business is willing to invest in employee growth. Encouraging a feeling of progress means employees are more likely to remain engaged and develop at your business rather than look elsewhere.

What should a training matrix include?

Every training matrix should have details about all employees, their required training, and completed courses (often divided by topics or themes). It needs all the relevant information to make identifying gaps and opportunities for training easy. A training matrix should include:

How to create a training matrix

The easiest way to create a training matrix is to use our training matrix software. Simply add in your employee details and training course information to form a bespoke training plan. Update and edit it online when you need and enjoy access to your organisation’s entire training matrix in one place.

You can also create a training plan from scratch manually. Use an Excel spreadsheet or draw up a table and fill in all the relevant employee details for an overview of your current training levels. This must still be updated and saved regularly to stay on top of your training plans.

Enjoy a free 15-day trial of our training matrix software to see how easy building tailored training plans online can be. Start your free trial today and easily improve training across your organisation.