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Working at Heights

Introduction: Falling from height is the major cause of fatalities in the construction industry. More than half of falls from a height of over 2 metres result in death or serious injury. All such deaths and serious injuries are preventable.

Main points:
• Can work at height be avoided and the risk eliminated?
• Plan work at height to include safe access/egress, edge protection (for people and materials), PPE and suitable training as applicable.
• Any work above 2m requires guard-rails, intermediate guard-rails and toe-boards to be fitted.
• Where impracticable to fit guard-rails, intermediate guard-rails and toe-boards (short duration) then personal suspension equipment/fall arrest equipment must be utilised as required.

Discussion points:
• If roof work is involved identify any fragile areas and/or openings and implement suitable protective precautions.
• Access ladders must be secured and extend sufficiently beyond working platforms to allow for safe access/egress.
• Where access ladders run for more than 9m then suitable intermediate platforms must be provided.
• Consider weather conditions – wet, windy and/or icy conditions can have a serious impact on safety at height.
• Ensure operatives are suitably trained and physically capable for tasks being undertaken.
• If guard-rails, fragile surface covers, void protections, etc, are removed for any reason then they must be replaced as soon as possible, and in the interim should be physically guarded.
• Use crawling boards/roof ladders where applicable.


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