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Working Platforms

Introduction: Working platforms can comprise of almost anything used to achieve your task.
Primary examples include trestle platforms and stepladders, both of which are potentially hazardous if not used properly and safely.

Main points:
• Trestle platforms, stepladders, etc, should generally only be used for light, short-term work. Consider alternatives if this description doesn’t apply.
• Only equipment designed for use as working platforms should be used as such.
• Makeshift platforms are generally unsafe and unnecessary.
• The minimum width of any working platform should be 600mm.
• Where 2m in height is reached then guard-rails, intermediate guard-rails and toe-boards must be fitted.

Discussion points:
• Ensure the surface upon which a working platform is to be erected is suitable, i.e. level and firm.
• Consider access to the working platform.
• Never “piggyback” trestle platforms.
• The only case hardened pins should be used in trestle bearers – not nails, brick ties, etc.
• Never balance trestles, stepladders etc, on breeze blocks, oil drums etc, to gain extra height.
• Do not use trestles, stepladders etc, on scaffolding, tower scaffolds etc, to gain extra height.
• When using stepladders check the rungs, stiles, hinges, and restraining ropes/chains prior to use – if defective then take out of service and report it.
• Stepladder rungs must not be used to support boards and create working platforms.
• Do not overreach when working from stepladders – get down and move them!
• Never use working platforms such as stepladders and trestles near to exposed leading edges, voids, risers, lift shafts, etc.
• Do not work more than two-thirds of the way up to a stepladder (remember handholds), and ensure they are fully extended prior to mounting.


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