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Workplace Welfare Checklist

empty office kitchen.Businesses in the UK must provide a healthy and safe working environment with appropriate welfare facilities in place. This covers everything from having enough toilets and washbasins on your premises to good lighting and ventilation and maintaining a clean workplace. It’s your legal and moral responsibility to provide these things whatever the type and size of your organisation.

Our health and safety experts have created a professional workplace welfare checklist to help ensure your welfare facilities are appropriate and to inform any risk assessments. Review your current facilities against the questions in the checklist to identify any issues. Then you can create risk assessments if required from the results.

Try our risk assessment software with a free 15-day trial and create unlimited risk assessments online. Use the existing templates and adapt to meet your needs. Start with the professional workplace welfare checklist below to identify any areas that require a risk assessment.

Employee welfare checklist

Employee welfare is important for companies of any size, age, and industry. Happy workers will be more productive. You also have a legal obligation under the Health and​ Safet​​y at Work Act 1974 to provide many welfare facilities. It’s therefore vital to undertake regular employee welfare checks – which may require a risk assessment.

Assess the below hazards in your workplace to improve employee welfare and inform any risk assessments. Employee welfare hazards have been grouped into sections to make reviewing your workplace quick and easy. Answer each question to work out whether you need to act and put in place any control measures.

Workplace health hazards

Are there factors that can affect health, such as:

Staff safety hazards

Are there any hazards that can endanger safety such as:

Employee welfare issues

Do welfare provisions need improving, such as:

General workplace cleanliness

Any identified workplace welfare hazards should be evaluated using a risk assessment. Try a free trial of our health and safety software and start creating unlimited risk assessments online today to improve your workplace welfare.