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Workplace Welfare Checklist

Health Hazards
Are there factors that can affect health, such as:
Does ventilation need improving to remove stale or humid air?
Are any areas draughty (apart from areas open to the outside)?
Does the heating system need improving to maintain the minimum 16°C working temperature?
Do extra thermometers need to be installed to enable staff to check working temperatures ?
Does hot water temperature require raising to remove legionella risk (60°C)
Do rest rooms require more stringent hygiene standards?

Safety Hazards
Are there any hazards that can endanger safety such as:
Does lighting need improving to reduce trips, collisions etc?
Do access routes need clearing of goods, materials or debris?
Do swing doors require transparent panels fitting?
Do windows require safety devices to prevent someone falling through the opening?
Do sliding doors need devices to stop them falling of their tracks?
Do powered doors require fitting with a device to prevent trapping or crushing?
Do upward opening doors require counterbalances to keep them open?
Do guardrails of at least 1,100mm need fitting to any area where it is possible to fall 2 or more metres?
Does the stability of storage systems require improving?
Does the emergency lighting system require improving?
Do fire routes and escapes need clearing of obstructions?
Do fire escapes require more visible signs?

Welfare Issues
Do welfare provisions need improving, such as:
Does toilet and hand basin cleanliness require improving?
Do hand washing and drying facilities need improving?
Is there a requirement to install extra fresh drinking water?
Do rest areas need segregation for non-smokers?
Are extra lockers for work clothing required?
Do changing room provisions need improving?

General Cleanliness
Do floors require more frequent cleaning?
Do access routes require clearing of debris, waste bins, equipment, etc?

Any identified hazard should be evaluated using a risk assessment, create one online in minutes