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Workshop Hazard Checklist

man using a grinder in a workshop.Hazards in a workshop include everything from accidents and injuries when using power tools to tripping over wires and noise and hearing damage due to loud machinery. It’s vital that all hazards and risks in any workshop are identified and controlled. This helps protects those working in, using, and passing through the workshop.

As an employer, you have a legal and moral duty to provide a safe workspace for staff, which includes in any workshop. Reviewing workshop hazards is key whether you run a garage workshop or one for woodwork and furniture repairs, or anything else. Identifying and managing risks helps protect staff and reduce the chance of accidents and injuries.

Our health and safety experts have created this workshop hazard checklist to help inform any required risk assessments. Check each section and if you spot any issues then you can escalate them to create appropriate risk assessments. Try our online risk assessment software where you can produce unlimited risk assessments to safeguard any workshop.

Workshop risk assessment checklist

There are many risks and potential hazards in a workshop – including those from working at height to hand-arm vibration when working with certain tools and machinery. Reviewing workshop practices and identifying where any hazards exist helps keep them under control. This minimises the chance of injuries and protects staff.

Every workshop needs regular risk assessments to identify hazards and outline ways to effectively manage and control them. This checklist covers common safety hazards in a workshop that you should look for and build into any risk assessments if they’re present. It is not a risk assessment itself.

Potential hazards and risks in a workshop are grouped together for a quick and easy checklist. Look at each section and answer all the questions to see where you may need to introduce risk assessments in your workshop. Use this free online workshop risk assessment checklist to improve your safety levels.

Slips, trips, and fall hazards in workshops

Are there any obstructions on the workshop floor that could cause a slip, trip, or fall from:

Falling object hazards in the workshop

Are there any objects that could fall on people in the workshop, such as:

Electrical workshop hazards

Is there any risk of persons receiving an electrical shock from:

Explore this electrical equipment checklist

Substance-related hazards

Are there any substances used that could cause harm from contact or inhalation, such as:

Workshop machinery hazards

Is machinery installed and used in a safe manner across the workshop to minimise danger to others, such as:

Fire hazards in workshops

Are flammable materials stored or used in a manner that could cause a fire in the workshop, such as:

Use this free fire safety checklist

Ventilation hazards

Are there any hazards associated with ventilation, such as:

Manual handling and workstation hazards

Do working positions in workshops pose a hazard that could cause muscular strains, such as:

Hygiene hazards

Do sanitary provisions require improving to reduce the risk of infection or contamination, such as:

Workshop accidents and first aid

Follow our first aid kit contents checklist

Any identified workshop hazards should be evaluated using a risk assessment. Start your free 15-day trial of our health and safety software to create unlimited risk assessments online. Adapt existing templates and save your workshop risk assessments online quickly and easily.