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Emergency Rescue Plan

So we hope you never have to use this, here is a free emergency rescue plan that you can copy and paste and make your own using the text below or simply download the plan here.

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If the site rescue team is unable to affect a rescue within 5 minutes the Fire & Rescue Service and the Ambulance Service are to be called on – 999

Once the rescue team is in attendance and if required, a nominated person is to go to the site entrance to meet, and direct the emergency services, and provide the following information:


What communication systems will be used between the suspended worker and the supervisor/rescue team?

Direct voice communication


Mobile Phone

Two-way Radios / Headsets

Emergency Contacts

In the event of an emergency/fall from height the WAH supervisor should immediately alert:

The rescue team and first aid assistance:

The First Aider(s):

Local Accident & Emergency Hospital is:

The Local Fire and Rescue Service Is:

The First – Aid Box / Accident Book Is Located:

Safety of Rescuers: Check list

Are Operators trained competent & in date in use of rescue equipment?

Are Rescue training records in date?

Are there a sufficient number of rescuers available?

Is rescue equipment selected appropriately for the nature of work?

What obstructions are in the way of reaching the suspended Operator?

Have assessments been made of anchor points, & are they in date for a test?

Has consideration been made to the method of attaching casualty?

How will rescuers get to a casualty?

Rescue ladder

Remote Rescue Kit

Keys to building & roof


Pull casualty in through window/balcony

Pull casualty up through floor/slab/roof

Climb / abseil down building / structure

Suspended access equipment

Aerial equipment from ground

Crane man basket

What equipment is needed to ensure rescue within 5 minutes in order to minimize suspension trauma?

Rescue ladder

Aerial ladder truck

Rollgliss R250 Remote Rescue Kit

Suspended access equipment

Toxic shock strap

Climbing/rope rescue system

Safety Ropes


man basket



First Aid Kit

Pneupac Resuscitator

If an operative is injured

Can casualty still be rescued within 5 minutes?

Is a qualified first aider who understands suspension trauma present?

Who and how will the emergency services and hospital be alerted?

Assign someone to direct traffic

Set up barriers

How will the Accident scene be protected?

Prevent further injury or damage

Set up barriers

Preserve wreckage

Report Incident / Event in normal manner

Other Considerations:


Proximity to emergency services / hospital

Language barriers (agency / contract staff)