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Top weird and wonderful things people would save if the house was on fire

5th Nov 2019

If your house was on fire, would you rescue your signed photo of Sylvester Stallone? We asked people what treasured items they’d save, and of course it got weird. Nobody expects their home to be destroyed by fire, but many of us have been asked the question what single treasured item you’d rush into the […]

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You should have signalled, mate – call for indicators on bicycles

17th Sep 2019

‘You should have signalled, mate’ – Another call for indicators on bicycles Waving your arm ‘just not good enough on today’s busy roads’ Could deaths and serious injuries to cyclists be slashed by fitting bicycles with flashing indicators? That’s the opinion of health and safety experts who think that any initiative to make roads […]

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What is the HSE FFI – Fee For Interventions?

10th Sep 2019

If the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) finds your business has breached health and safety law, you’ll have to cover the costs incurred by HSE to identify the breach and help your business to get up to standard. Like fines, FFI aims to shift the financial burden of ensuring safety at work from the public […]

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Blue hair: It’s the cool new look for food safety

28th Aug 2019

Ever found a hair in your takeaway? Now you’ll know where it came from A health and safety services company has come up with what is clearly the best idea ever for making it easier for customers to spot a kitchen worker’s hair in their food. The online health and safety company says that […]

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Workers stealing toilet paper on the rise

11th Jul 2019

Exasperated business owners are reporting that workers stealing office supplies is on the rise – with toilet paper and printer ink the most commonly swiped items. Health and Safety software company, has seen reports that in some places, furious office managers have resorted to locking supplies – even essentials like loo roll – away […]

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Job interviews from Hell: Candidates reveal their worst ever questions

29th Apr 2019

…and why asking the wrong thing can land your company in big trouble Questions about jam and role-playing games involving werewolves top the list in the worst ever questions asked of candidates in job interviews. Workers have opened up to a UK health and safety software company about interviews that either left them cringing or […]

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Drunk or high at work: Epidemic of boozy and drugged employees revealed

29th Apr 2019

Alcohol and drugs major problem in the workplace, shocking survey reveals Nearly a third of workers have admitted using drugs at work, and virtually every employee say they’ve been drunk when they were on duty. These are the incredible figures from a survey carried out for a national health and safety law consultancy, which found […]

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